Appendix I: Use of Payment System

a. Payment arrangements

i. CPTU reserves the right to take the payment service of Banks, payment service providers, mobile networks, and other reliable and authorized online service providers through Memorandum of Understandings (MOU) with SI.A or Agreements for The e-GP Online Payment Network.

ii Procuring Entities should ensure that Tenderers’ Applicants’ Consultants arc given proper guidelines on billing and payment options and they are to choose from the options of payment recommended by the CPTU.

iii. The e-GP System has offered option to use the service of scheduled banks. Scheduled banks and other payment service providers gel secured access to the e-GP System with their own dedicated and secured Dashboard, from where, the banks can carry out the financial transactions related to public procurement collecting fees and charges, providing guarantees, tracking the guarantees making payment transactions etc. Scheduled Bunks may charge an amount from the tenderers /Applicants /Consultants for their services as per their rules. The CPTU shall not be responsible for the transactions made by banks with the Tenderers/Applicants/Consultants

iv. Procuring Entities should ensure that the payment options are opened through Schedule Banks or any other popular and accessible payment network recommended by the CPTU. The CPTU will integrate the online payment system as and when it becomes available in Bangladesh.

v. Procuring Entities may make necessary arrangements with authorized banks or payment service providers to disburse the contract amounts to Tenderers/ Applicants/ contractors / Consultants or any such party when the sum is due.

vi. The CPTU shall open and operate Master Bank Accounts in the banks for centrally collecting and managing the fees for documents, guarantees, securities and charges applicable in e-GP system, etc.

vii. Procuring entities arc responsible for updating e-GP system and notifying CPTU about the forfeiture of Guarantees and Securities of the Tenderers/Applicants, and request issuing bank for releasing and crediting the Central account with the forfeited amount opened by CPTU.

viii. In case of International tenderers/ applicants/ consultants, payments should be made to the Master Bank Account opened by CPTU through Bank Wire transfer or any other method clearly mentioning the purpose of payment.

xi. International Tenderers/Applicants/Consultants must communicate with the Banks of e-GP Online Payment Network for updating their payment details in e-GP System. Any charges incurred for payment transfer, communication or any currency conversion should be paid by the Tenderers/Applicants/Consultants themselves.

x. In case of Bank Guarantee, securities issues by International banks must be endorsed by the local scheduled bank in Bangladesh and the bank must be member of e-GP Online Payment Network in Bangladesh.

xi. International payments can be directed/credited to Master Bank Account opened by CPTU as and when .International payment gateway is integrated with the e-GP System.

b. Integration with International payment system

i. The CPTU may integrate any third party International Payment System that meets the required standard and security requirement and approved by the Bangladesh Bank to provide such service to be integrated with the e-GP System;

ii. Payment System Operator and Payment Service. Provider must meet the requirements of all relevant laws, compliance with Anti-Money Laundering/Counter Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT) procedures, as well as regulations and guidelines prescribed for them by Bangladesh Bank.

iii. The third party payment System should enable a receiver of an electronic copy of the document to navigate the link to a third party vendor’s payment web site, where the receiver makes payment arrangements.


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